Digital Business Framework

Posted By Jono on Apr 6, 2014 |

jampro business framework online business frameworkThe following is a list of activities we perform for a range of businesses.  Some engagements require all of them while others require a more specific scope of work within one of the three areas of product management. 

Product strategy activities:

  • Discover and validate market problems (both existing and future customers)
  • Seek new market opportunities by leveraging the company’s distinctive competence
  • Define and size market segments
  • Conduct win/loss analysis
  • Determine the optimum distribution strategy
  • Provide oversight of strategy, technical, and marketing aspects of all products in the portfolio
  • Analyze product profitability and sales success
  • Create and maintain the business plan including pricing
  • Determine buy/build/partner decisions
  • Position the product for all markets and all buyer types
  • Document the typical buying process
  • Approve final marketing and go-to-market plans

Technical product management activities:

  • Conduct technology assessment
  • Analyze the competitive landscape
  • Maintain the product portfolio roadmap
  • Monitor and incorporating industry innovations
  • Define user personas for individual products
  • Write product requirements and use scenarios
  • Maintain a status dashboard for all portfolio products

Design and marketing management activities:

  • Define buyer personas and determine market messages
  • Organize all user and functional requirements appearing in the product.
  • Organize user pathways in the product to key activities and engagement goals.
  • Organize relationship and interactions for all features, functions and content.
  • Test assumptions on users on and off site.
  • Create the marketing plan including methods for customer acquisition as well as customer retention
  • Measure effectiveness of product marketing programs
  • Maintain product launch plans
  • Identify best opportunities for lead generation
  • Create standard presentations and demo scripts
  • Identify product references for industry and customer referrals
  • Align sales tools and the ideal sales process to the typical buying process
  • Facilitate channel training including competitive threats and related industry news